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about viva7s - About Us

VIVA7s started as a blog promoting social sports in the small locality of Downfield in Queensland by Isabelle Sharp in 2014. Back then, Sharp was working as a court judge across the Gympie region.

Sharp was not only a law professional, but she was also into sports and outdoor activities. When she is not in the courtroom, you would probably see her playing rugby, cycling, or hiking.

She got into social sports after attending a rugby game for parents organised by the local council. It was mainly for entertainment but Sharp witnessed the value and impact of adult recreational sports to people.

Blog to Magazine

After a couple of months, the local council organised and staged more rugby competitions and Sharp documented everything in her blog. She became a direct partner for the events and that is when everything took off.

In 2017, after expanding the blog’s content scope and strategy, more than 45,000 readers were recorded since the blog launched 3 years ago. In 2018, VIVA7s was funded to be converted into an online sports magazine that highlights social sports, sports centres, rugby, and other sporting activities.

Today, VIVA7s has more than 400,000 online subscribers and we have been releasing issues every month as compared to a quarterly setup back in 2018.

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