3 Amazing Sports Themed Slot Machines to Try

Picking a slot machine to play is not that easy with the number of options you have right now. Thinking about it, most slot machines are the same in terms of gameplay, rules, betting restrictions, etc. However, there are a few slot machines that stand out above the rest.

This time, we will list down our top picks of the best sports-themed slot machines for people who love sports out there, which is most of the population around the globe.

Rugby Star

Are you a fan of Rugby? If you are, then you might be from Australia or New Zealand because rugby is very big in these countries. Rugby Star slot machine is based on the Rugby World Cup as it features rugby teams from all over the globe including Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, and more.

The game’s design is stunning as its gameplay is engaging. This game has got good features including stacked wilds, scatters, free spins, multipliers, and more. You ought to look out for the rolling reels. If you activate that.

All of your winning symbols will be replaced by other symbols increasing the chances of consecutive wins. Now, how is that for a bonus feature?

Break Away

This one is for hardcore ice hockey fans out there. Breakaway is a fast-paced slot machine where you can win combinations in seconds. That is not a guarantee by the way. There is no guarantee when it comes to slot machines.

But you can be strategic on how you place bets and maximise free spins and multipliers. Break Away’s most popular feature has got to be the Smashing Wild. What it does when activated is to smash into a reel turning it into a wild for a sure win. So, maybe there is some form of guarantee in this game after all.


All football fans out there, this one is for you. Now, this is European football by the way not the ones in the US and Australia. Shoot! is not just some football-themed slot. It serves as a nostalgic experience for football fans out there, especially those of old age.

3 Amazing Sports Themed Slot Machines to Try 1 - 3 Amazing Sports Themed Slot Machines to Try

The symbols in this game are based on football like the football first off and legendary footballers to ever play the game including Pele and Maradona. This slot machine offers a different set of bonuses like the Trade’Em bonus.

The prizes you get from the bonus can then trigger one of 2 second-level bonuses. You can either get the magazine bonus that will give you 12 magazines with prizes or red cards, or 10 to 35 free spins.

No matter what you get, it will be both amazing and sure to spice up your lifestyle. Be sure to check out all the slot titles offered on the Playamo mobile casino too!

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