Sports Culture: Why is Football Australia’s Favourite Sport?

There are a few favourite sports here in Australia. We have Cricket, Rugby, and then, Australian rules football, or simply football. According to several publications, football is the biggest sport in the country and here is why.

Millions are into it

In 2019, more than 1.76 million people were playing football across the country. Many Australians grew up playing football at home and school. It is one of the most common sports activities many adult males play regularly. Most of them are doing it for fun, while others are doing it for competition.

Football is part of Australia’s sports education starting at the primary level. The game can be a little rough as you see it on television.

Sports Culture Why is Football Australias Favourite Sport 1 - Sports Culture: Why is Football Australia’s Favourite Sport?

But most people observe safety measures to ensure young people are not slightly or seriously injured during games.


What makes football bigger in Australia is the presence of the Australian Football League. Think of it as Australia’s Super Bowl. Millions of people watch matches when they are on.

Every year, on the final Saturday of September, millions of people all over the country stay at home to watch the AFL Grand Finals. On that day as well, more than 100,000 people gather at the Melbourne Cricket Ground to watch the grand event unfold.

The AFL Grand Finals is said to be even bigger than the Melbourne Cup.

Full of History

Football and the AFL are part of Australia’s history. Ever since 1858, the sport grew exponentially. The players of yesterday served as heroes for millions of people, athletes or not.

Football is part of the Australian lifestyle and it will be forever. So, are you into football?