Why is the Melbourne Cup Big Across AU?

The Melbourne Cup is one of the most anticipated sporting events in Australia. It takes place every year on the first Tuesday of November. It is right up there with Footy finals, Australian Open, and the Grand Prix. Why is that?

Compared to the other big sporting events, Melbourne Cup’s main highlight, which is the horse race only takes up a couple of minutes.

Since 1861

The Melbourne Cup is part of Australia’s sports history and history in general. The first run took place back in 1861 with two organizing committees of horse racing, the Victorian Jockeys, and the Victorian Turf Club.

In the first run, the prizes for the winner were a gold watch and a cash purse. The first-ever Melbourne Cup trophy given was back in 1866.

The Bard, recognised as the first great Australian racehorse, trained by ‘Honest’ John Tait, won that year. Now, many years have passed, and the Melbourne Cup is still one of the biggest sporting events in Australia with a big cash prize money and a trophy.

So big that it became a holiday

Back in 1865, the Melbourne Cup was declared a half-day holiday. As the years went by, more and more people were into it so in 1877, it was declared a whole day holiday. We are not kidding when we say Aussies all over the globe take a break from their busy lives to watch the race.

We’ve met with Australians all over the globe who would file for leave, dress up, and then watch the race as it unfolds. Many of them would dress up despite being at home.

A day to be stylish

The Melbourne Cup is a day of colours, patterns, and stylish suits. The gentlemen would wear suits to show their inner dapper dan. The ladies, on the other hand, would wear vibrant dresses showing different colours and patterns.

They will then tie the entire outfit together with a hat. The hats during the Melbourne Cup stand out.

A day for serious betting

Another thing why the Melbourne Cup is important is because it is also basically a holiday for betting. People from all over would bet online or offline in favour of their top pick. There are of course going to be betting odds or as they call it the Melbourne Cup odds.

In that document, you’ll see the top pick to win the race each year that would help you make a more informed decision about who to bet on.

There are going to be thousands of bets at the Flemington Racecourse alone, with more than 20,000 people expected to see the race live. This year, many of the racers will dedicate their performance to the legendary Melbourne Cup champion Might and Power who died in April this year.

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